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Archive from January 2011

Letter to Senator Stephen Greene regarding LTD Nortel Employees

13 January 2022 at 17h34

Dear Stephen,

May I express my disappointment and sadness that your well-intentioned remarks before the conclusion of our hearings at the Banking and Commerce Committee, as well as, the following procedure in the Senate Chamber, have not produced, in one way or another, a sensible and fair solution to the problems of the Nortel disabled pensioners.

 May I remind you of the assurances you gave me that the conservative government was going to address the issue submitted in Bill S-216 in a matter of days. We were supposed to see an “imminent” solution that was more “appropriate” than the Bill presented before our committee.

 Christmas has passed and we are moving towards the third week of January and I am still longing to see the “appropriate” solution. There are families and individuals living in fear of losing everything they have, after losing their most precious asset: their health. I share their anguish and I plead with you and your colleagues, as well as our Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper to restore their faith in our system.

 Moreover, may I assure you again that I am prepared to study a legislative solution for their future at the first opportunity, but the Nortel employees cannot and should not be left behind.

 I hope you enjoyed a pleasant Christmas and I look forward to working with you in the best interest of all Canadians.

 Yours very truly,

The Honourable Céline Hervieux-Payette P.C.

China waking up to Canadian seal products - Press release

12 January 2022 at 17h45

Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette will support the intensive promotion of Canadian seal products in China

Ottawa, January 12, 2022 - Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette enthusiastically welcomes China’s decision to open its market to Canadian seafood and seal products.

“The extremist vegetarians who want us to believe that seals are only used for their fur have once again been invalidated by the world’s largest market for seafood. Besides fur, China will experience our excellent Canadian seal meat and oil, “said the Senator.

Senator Hervieux-Payette now wants the Government of Canada to facilitate the promotion of seal products to Chinese consumers.

“It is normal that the federal government comes to the defense of Canadian sealers who are victims of a cynical European boycott and slanderous animal rights pressure groups. We helped GM workers; we must also help the Inuit and the fishermen of the East Coast, “insists the senator who has always advocated that the government provides a minimum income for sealers based on 2005 income as long as the boycott is appealed at the WTO.

Senator Hervieux-Payette noted finally that animal ethics requires the optimal use of animal resources.

“Pretending that it would be ethical to let a herd of seals grow exponentially, leaving animals to die of hunger or disease is irresponsible. At the top of the food chain, humans have a responsibility to take resources sustainably and to waste as little of them as possible. This is the spirit of the Universal Declaration of the Ethical Harvest of Seals. “


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