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Post under ‘supply management’ tag

Is the Transpacific Partnership the trojan horse of supply management?

28 June 2021 at 20h03

Senator Hervieux-Payette: I think that Ms. Findlay was talking mainly about supply management, including chicken, milk and eggs — the high-quality food products produced by our Canadian farmers.

I would really like to know how dismantling organizations that ensure a decent income for our farmers is going to factor into the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations and what concessions your government is prepared to make. After agreeing to accept the proposal that was already on the table, now you are going to turn over much of our market and sell out our farmers. (more…)

Supply Management: next victim of the Conservative government?

25 November 2021 at 18h26

Hon. Céline Hervieux-Payette: Honourable senators, my question is for the Leader of the Government in the Senate, and to speed up our communication, I will ask the question in her first language.

This morning, I came across an article in the famous — my own adjective — Globe and Mail entitled “New Zealand disputes Harper’s stand on tariff walls.” There was a good picture of him, I must say.

The article discusses how the New Zealand trade minister, Tim Groser, used his speech at the opening of a dairy factory in New Zealand to raise questions about Canada’s application to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations. He emphasized that existing Trans-Pacific member countries will vet applications from Canada, Mexico and Japan very carefully, seeking clear evidence that they are committed to liberalizing trade. He said admittance to the talks requires this. (more…)

Senator Hervieux-Payette defends canadian farmers in the Senate

17 November 2021 at 19h40

Yesterday, I asked the following question in the Senate.

 Hon. Céline Hervieux-Payette: Honourable senators, Canadian farmers are hard-working people who often fail to receive the necessary congratulations for their hard work and dedication to providing safe and delicious food to families here in Canada and around the world.

Despite this, the Conservative government seems intent on demonizing farming as a way of life and any chance for farmers to make a fair living. The Prime Minister recently said in Honolulu that Canada would be joining APEC, an organization fiercely opposed to our system of supply management. It would come as no surprise that this system is next in line to be axed by the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Mr. Gerry Ritz.

Considering that farmers have invested billions of dollars in quotas as a way of securing production and ensuring their retirement, will the government compensate Canadian farmers for the loss of value of their quotas and ensure their investments guarantee them a safe and comfortable retirement?



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