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‘Politics’ category

Les Conservateurs de Harper s’opposent à l’égalité des femmes !

3 February 2021 at 20h14

OTTAWA, le 03 février 2011 –  Les Sénateurs Conservateurs tuent le projet de loi S-206, Loi visant à assurer la parité de genre dans les conseils d’administration de certaines personnes morales, institutions financières et sociétés d’État mères.

Le Sénateur Hervieux-Payette dénonce le refus des Conservateurs de donner aux femmes le droit d’être représentées de manière égale au sein des Conseils d’administration.

« Les Conservateurs ont une vision particulièrement régressive de la femme dans notre société. En l’espèce, ils ne croient absolument pas qu’elles ont droit à la même représentation que les hommes au sein des conseils d’administration de nos entreprises » a déclaré le Sénateur Hervieux-Payette.

Nombreuses études et témoins venus discuter du projet de loi S-206 devant le Comité permanent des banques et du commerce, attestent qu’une plus grande diversité dans un conseil d’administration est le gage d’une meilleure efficacité économique.

« Les Conservateurs sont incapables de mettre de côté leur idéologie réformiste moyenâgeuse même quand il s’agit d’améliorer l’efficacité de nos entreprises au lendemain d’une crise majeure. Comment peut-on encore penser qu’ils sont de bons gestionnaires quand ils ne veulent pas réformer les conseils d’administration qui ont été l’un des acteurs de l’une des plus grandes crises économiques de notre histoire moderne ? » a poursuivi le Sénateur.

Les Sénateurs Conservateurs ont tué le projet de loi S-206 en refusant de le voter article par article et en exigeant le huis-clos.

« Les Conservateurs ont une nouvelle fois démontré leur mépris de nos institutions démocratiques et leur manque de transparence en votant le huis clos pour finalement refuser de voter sur mon projet de loi. Une situation inédite qu’ils ne cessent de reproduire. C’est déshonorant pour notre démocratie » a conclu le Sénateur Hervieux-Payette.

Le Parti Libéral du Canada croit que la force de la société canadienne repose sur la pleine participation des femmes à notre économie, à notre gouvernement et à tous les processus décisionnels du pays.

Bill S-216 (Nortel): Open letter to the Prime Minister

10 December 2021 at 15h41

Dear Prime Minister,

How is it possible that in a country like Canada, your government could act so inhumanly and cynically towards disabled Nortel pensioners?

Yesterday, December 8, 2010, the Conservative Senators killed bill S-216 an Act to amend the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act and ensure that a small portion of Nortel’s $6 billion in assets would go to disability pensions and essential medical services. I cannot bring myself to believe that you would give up on the 400 skilled workers who are already suffering severely from disease and deny them a Christmas filled with hope and peace.

I hoped until the last moment, that as a creditor of this shameful bankruptcy, you would demonstrate leadership and agree to allocate the modest sums needed to finance their pensions and medical care.

Despite receiving tremendous financial support through government programs, including those aimed at research and development, your government is now turning a blind eye to the people who gave their lives to this company.

Contrary to American authorities, your government has done nothing to demand accountability from business leaders like those of Nortel who are largely responsible for sinking this great Canadian company.

It appears that your desire for transparency and accountability is expressed randomly according to your interests. Yet litigation in the United States has led several rogue leaders in American prisons. Would your policy of “Law and order” be limited to ordinary people in our society?

And what about the indecency with which Nortel executives were paid $ 8 million bonuses on the eve of the company’s bankruptcy? Do your conservative moral values stop at the gates of high finance?

You have a few days to put the record straight and provide remedies that restore dignity to these workers and restore color to the maple leaf which has paled under your authority.

On behalf of the disabled workers of Nortel and that of Canadians of good will, I solemnly ask you to do justice to these families.

(the letter has also been published in french on cyberpresse.ca)

When the far right hears a weaker voice: How the Conservatives are letting down Canadians and derailing democracy

3 December 2021 at 15h59

by the Honourable Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette, C.P.
Deputy-Chair of the Senate Standing Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce

Stephen Harper has decided to make a serious attempt to undermine Canadian democracy, and you can be sure that he won’t take any half measures.

I could talk about Bill C-42, which shows a complete disregard for our own sovereignty by giving the Americans information about Canadian travelers flying over—but not touching down in—the U.S. I could talk about his manoeuvring to remove positive discrimination from the public service, which would affect First Nations representation in the federal bureaucracy in particular. I could talk about how he contemptuously forces our judges to impose minimum sentences that prevent them from ruling on the facts of each case, a pale imitation of the costly U.S. system that is filling that country’s prisons and doing nothing to improve safety. And what about his plan to kill the firearms registry and put citizens at risk, or his scheming to discredit Statistics Canada and spread his own propaganda?

Since the list is long, I’ll restrict myself to the recent decision by Conservative senators to kill Bill S‑216 by refusing to hold a vote. This precedent-setting decision is an insult to our institutions. How can parliamentarians refuse to vote on legislation? It also shows the Conservatives’ total lack of respect for the 400 former Nortel employees who are disabled and now face the loss of their rights on December 31, 2010.

What happened? Following Nortel’s bankruptcy—caused mainly by administrators who were cooking the books—disabled employees found themselves without benefits even though they had paid contributions to Sun Life. In fact, the disability benefits were self-insured by Nortel. In response to this unfair situation and the difficulties it has caused the people concerned, my colleague, Liberal Senator Art Eggleton, tabled Bill S-216 on March 25, 2021 to amend the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act and ensure that a small portion of Nortel’s $6 billion in assets would go to disability pensions and essential medical services.

On November 25, Conservative senators decided that this bill posed a risk to the economy, a fallacious argument disputed by many experts. The Conservatives have decided which side they are on: they would rather help out big business than ordinary citizens, even when those citizens are disabled.

This decision can be seen as part of a broader objective: to turn public opinion against Canada’s Senate and impose an elected Senate, under the prime minister’s thumb. But the Senate has always been the voice of minorities, of the regions and of citizens who cannot be heard in the House of Commons. It has also been a defender of our Constitution. The Conservatives recently gained a majority in the Senate and have already managed to kill Bill C-311 on climate change, an historic moment that saw the Senate kill a bill passed by the House of Commons without even studying it. The goal: to incite the public to turn against the Senate.

The Liberals have condemned this move, and the end of Bill S-216 could be part of this same process to destabilize our institutions. Make no mistake, to reform or abolish the Senate would be to fall into the Conservatives’ trap, and they serve only their own interests and ideology. And in the end, 400 disabled former Nortel employees won’t carry much weight in a federal election.

Atlantic Bluefin Tuna would like to benefit from the European Union’s moral values

2 December 2021 at 17h11

Yesterday, I tabled a motion in the Senate to Urge the European Union to Apply a Preservation Policy of the Eastern Atlantic Bluefin Tuna… May the moral values expressed in their boycott of seal products at least serve to protect species actually in danger of extinction!

The Senate of Canada urges the European Union to apply to the situation of the Eastern Atlantic bluefin tuna the moral values underlying the Union’s new regulations on the seal hunt (even though the harp seal is not an endangered species), with a view to protecting the species Thunnus Thynnus, respecting scientific opinion and encouraging its member countries to implement an adequate policy guaranteeing preservation of the species for the generations to come.

Read the motion in its entirety

The Cruelty of the Animal Boycott

29 October 2021 at 16h28

Europe Falls Into the Hands of Anti-seal Hunt Vegetarian Groups

Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette Condemns the Cruelty of the Animal Boycott


OTTAWA, October 29th, 2010 - “Yesterday, Europe endangered seals and the Canadians who live off this resource”, declared Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette who regrets the decision of the European Court of Justice’s decision to uphold the boycott of seal products. “The overpopulation of seals will require, no matter what, a balance of the ecosystem. If we don’t find an alternate market to Europe to sell seal products we will be condemned to throw seals into the garbage. At that point, I don’t think there will be the same level of supervision by the Canadian government to guarantee ethical hunting standards.”

Senator Hervieux-Payette reiterates that this boycott is both immoral and illegal under the rules of the World Trade Organization. “Europeans want to impose their universal vision of animal ethics even though they are unable to enforce these same rules to sport hunting, which has greater consequences than seal hunting.” She also asked, “where are their regulations, their supervision and their independent scientific reports?”

The Senator realizes that the vegetarian movement fuelled by Hollywood is structured to such a point that it can influence European decisions without any scientific merit. “The social vision of the Jet Set is completely disconnected from a reality derived from B-movies and spreading into parliaments. It’s pathetic” added the Senator.

Senator Hervieux-Payette is actively seeking the federal government’s intervention in insuring that Seal hunters receive basic income that could help develop new markets. “I consider that as long as we will have to fight against this unfair ban, the revenues from 2005 should be minimally insured by the Government of Canada”.

– 30 –

Read the official Press Release


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