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Blog > Economy > Atlantic Bluefin Tuna would like to benefit from the European Union’s moral values
Dec 02

Atlantic Bluefin Tuna would like to benefit from the European Union’s moral values

Yesterday, I tabled a motion in the Senate to Urge the European Union to Apply a Preservation Policy of the Eastern Atlantic Bluefin Tuna… May the moral values expressed in their boycott of seal products at least serve to protect species actually in danger of extinction!

The Senate of Canada urges the European Union to apply to the situation of the Eastern Atlantic bluefin tuna the moral values underlying the Union’s new regulations on the seal hunt (even though the harp seal is not an endangered species), with a view to protecting the species Thunnus Thynnus, respecting scientific opinion and encouraging its member countries to implement an adequate policy guaranteeing preservation of the species for the generations to come.

Read the motion in its entirety

1 comment

  1. kujirkira le 28 janvier 2011 à 23h57

    It’s rather shocking how the European Union uses issues like sustainable seal and whale hunts to appear green.
    Then they blame Canada for cod and Japan for tuna — both of which they make substantial amounts of money off of.
    It’s quite a nice scam they’ve worked out. Drive fish into extinction, make huge amounts of money in the process, then blame others.
    All the while defying the scientific evidence by vehemently opposing sustainable marine mammal hunts, and simultaneously driving the species that actually are in trouble into extinction.
    Why does the European Union hate science when it comes to fisheries and wildlife management? Why do people let the European Union get away with demonizing other countries for their own actions?
    I would love to know the answers to these questions and while I’m not Canadian, I thank you for pointing out their duplicitous and cynical approach to the environment.

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