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Post under ‘Ethics’ tag

Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette seeks $ 15.4 million per year in funding to ensure a minimum income for sealers

10 December 2021 at 10h49

North Canada Village

OTTAWA, December 10th, 2009 - “We must not add contempt to cynicism,” said Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette to summarize her demand to the Conservative government to intervene on behalf of sealers, who face a cynical and unfair European boycott of seal products.

In a study published in April 2009, Professor of Economics John Livernois estimated the revenues of sealers to be 15.4 million for 2005 hunting season. 2005 was a good year but was not exceptional and was the last year before vegetarian groups led their final offensive in Europe. “I believe that as long as we have to fight against this unjust boycott, the income sealers received in 2005 from the hunt should be insured by the Government of Canada,” said Senator Hervieux-Payette who thinks that aid in developing new markets for seal products would decrease funding.

The Senator is also concerned about the Inuit, “the price of sealskins in Nunavut has dropped dramatically in the last year from $ 70 to $ 25 which proves that the exemption of Inuit consumption products from the European boycott
is an additional aberration.”


Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette urges all governments to promote and study the application of the Universal Declaration on the Ethical Harvest of Seals (www.sealsonline.com) written by a panel of experts and scientists from Canada and the United States. To this day, the government of Québec, the government of Newfoundland and Labrador and the international organization for animal conservation IWMC World Conservation Trust based in Switzerland have officially supported the Declaration.

Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette applauds Québec’s decision to support the Universal Declaration on the Ethical Harvest of Seals

7 December 2021 at 16h32


“I applaud the decision of the government of Québec to support the Universal Declaration on the Ethical Harvest of Seals (www.sealsonline.org), said Senator Hervieux-Payette who lead the project, and am delighted by Québec’s strong implication in the negotiations between Canada and the European Union on a free trade agreement.”

Written by a team of seven experts and scientists from six Canadian provinces and territories and the United States, the Universal Declaration will be a starting point for new discussions between North Americans and Europeans on the topic of marine mammal welfare, including the seal.

The Declaration aims to establish common ethical principles for all seal-hunting countries by promoting a three-way balance between ensuring animal welfare, ensuring the well being of human communities and protecting species and ecosystems.

“This declaration fits perfectly with the vision of the government of Quebec in promoting a seal hunt that is sustainable and free of cruelty,” wrote the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Mr. Claude Béchard in his letter written to the Senator on the 3rd of December 2009. “The government of Québec has been collaborating for many years with the industry and other governments to ensure that the hunt is carried out by respecting the highest international standards,emphasized the Minister.

The Declaration has also received the support of the government of Newfoundland and Labrador along with the international organization for animal conservation IWMC World Conservation Trust based in Switzerland.

Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette urges all governments and concerned organizations to promote and study the application of the Universal Declaration on the Ethical Harvest of Seals written by a panel of experts.




Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette tabled a motion in the Senate demanding the recognition of the legitimacy of raising, harvesting and using animals in an ethical way.

1 December 2021 at 14h30

01_15_52_prevOTTAWA, December 1, 2021 - “I have tabled a motion in the Senate to protect the livelihood of hundreds of thousands of Canadians and their industries,” said Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette.

Vegetarian groups have tremendously increased their pressure on world governments demanding changes to our society which will have serious repercussions. Groups such as PETA, the Humane Society and actresses such as Brigitte Bardot and Pamela Anderson have actively promoted the association of animal harvesting with animal cruelty.

 This motion will reassure these groups of Canada`s commitment to animal welfare while recognizing that humans are an integral part of the ecosystem. As mentioned in the motion: “a balanced ecosystem is the result of constant interactions between predators and prey throughout the food web, that humans are an integral part of the ecosystem and, therefore, that their position as predators cannot be separated from nature.”

 This motion is part of a large issue regarding human kind’s vision of animals on our planet. Throughout the world organizations like PETA and the Humane Society along with personalities who have acted collectively like Brigitte Bardot who asked the French President Nicolas Sarkozy to declare a national vegetarian day in France. “All these groups are against the Seal Hunt and more importantly against all use of animal products by humans”, said the Senator.

 ”The goal of my motion is to get the Parliament of Canada to affirm that humankind can legitimately raise, harvest and use animals that are either wild or farmed and this for purposes that are either economic, personal or scientific”. Concluded Senator Hervieux-Payette.

Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette files a complaint against CTV and Journalist Robert Fife

27 October 2021 at 10h18

tvI have written a formal complaint to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council dated October 21, 2009, against the CTV network and Robert Fife, a CTV journalist, for violating the code of ethics of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters (CAB) and the Radio Television News Directors Association of Canada (RTNDA)

In a CTV report concerning the Senate’s review of Bill C-25, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (limiting credit for time spent in pre-sentencing custody), journalist Robert Fife “grossly manipulated public opinion.”


“CTV tried to convince Canadians that Liberal senators killed Bill C-25 and supported criminals, said Senator Hervieux-Payette. CTV claimed that Conservative senators wanted to support the bill, while they clearly refused to do so. This is false. In fact, Conservative senators blocked debate and suspended the work of the Senate for 10 days but CTV misrepresented these facts as reported by Canadian Press“.


CTV had violated clauses 5 and 6 of the CAB’s code of ethics concerning the accuracy and impartiality of broadcasters. I also feel that Mr. Fife violated articles 1, 3 and 5 of the RTNDA code of ethics concerning journalistic accuracy, authenticity and independence.


“We are dealing with a Conservative government that manipulates the Canadian public by putting its party`s logo on government cheques, models the symbols used by our  Olympic athletes on its own logo, sweeps reports on torture in Afghanistan under the carpet and conducts misleading advertising campaigns … and CTV is paid to broadcast these schemes”.


“I am asking that the independence of the network and its editorial staff in relation to the government be examined”.





CBSC Complaint Letter         Press Release


Media Reports of Interest:

“This is a very interesting development. I mean, CTV is developing quite a history of coverage which isn’t exactly fair and balanced when it comes to the political scene (and witness the incident with Stéphane Dion’s false start interview and Mike Duffy, who wound up in the Senate for his good work). And I’m glad that the Senator is speaking out about it.”  Dale Smith


Full Article


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