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Blog > Economy > Harper`s conservatives are against women`s equality
Feb 03

Harper`s conservatives are against women`s equality

OTTAWA, February 3, 2021 – Senators Conservatives kill Bill S-206, An Act to establish gender parity on the board of directors of certain corporations, financial institutions and parent Crown corporations.

Senator Hervieux-Payette denounces the Conservatives’ refusal to give women the right to be equally represented on boards of directors. 

“The Conservatives have a particularly regressive view of women in our society. In this case, they absolutely do not believe they are entitled to equal representation with men on boards of directors of our companies, “said Senator Hervieux-Payette.

Numerous studies and witnesses who testified before the Senate Standing Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce on Bill S-206 demonstrated that greater diversity in boards of directors leads to greater economic performance.

“The Conservatives are unable to put aside their medieval reformist ideology even when it comes to improving the effectiveness of our businesses in the aftermath of a major economic crisis. How can we still think they are good managers when they do not want to reform boards that were one of the culprits behind one of the biggest economic crises in modern history? “continued the Senator.

Conservative senators killed Bill S-206 by refusing to vote clause by clause and demanding that the proceedings be in-camera.

“The Conservatives have once again shown their contempt for our democratic institutions and their lack of transparency by voting for in-camera discussions to finally refuse to vote on my bill. A situation the Harper Conservatives never cease to reproduce. It is shameful for our democracy, “concluded Senator Hervieux-Payette.

The Liberal Party of Canada believes that the strength of Canadian society is dependent on the full participation of women in our economy, our government and all the country’s decision-making processes.

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