Support the Seal Hunt and the Principle of an Ethical Harvest of our Natural Ressources

LATEST NEWS: February 23, 2021 - Senate adopts my Bill S-208 to make May 20 the National Seal Products Day

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Support the principle of an ethical harvest of our natural ressources

The Parliament of the European Union voted on March 5th 2009 in favour of a total boycott of seal products, despite the principle of the sustainable use of resources urged by the Convention on Biological Diversity. In so doing, the parliamentarians – who are in the midst of an election campaign – caved in to the aggressive falsehoods of the vegetarian lobby.

Sustainable development, and the local consumption and use of natural resources, are part of the priorities of the governments that are fighting climate change. But the vegetarian lobby, driven by an ideology that calls for the banning of all consumption of animal products, exerted constant dishonest pressure on the European parliamentarians, who are campaigning for re-election.

Now it is no longer just Canada that is threatened, but all Western societies that are likely to be the next targets of the vegetarian lobby.

This is why the Universal Declaration on the Ethical Harvest of Seals is now more necessary than ever, in order to protect both individual liberties and living species and ecosystems.

As she left her meeting of May 6, 2009, with the ambassadors of Denmark, Sweden, Russia and Norway, and as the European Commission calls for a shakeup in EU biodiversity policy, Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette announced her intention of obtaining the support of the governments of the European Union with a view to establishing ethical codes on the harvest of living resources in Canada and Europe.

The Declaration’s Internet site ( is the information clearing house for the seal-hunting communities. Successive versions of the Declaration will be posted on the site as discussions progress. Internet users are invited to sign the on-line petition.