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Feb 24


I like carrots too!

Some anti-sealing vegetarians are upset. To garner public support, they are unfairly criticizing me for attacking all vegetarians. But they are wrong—hey, I like carrots!—and they are not fooling anyone.

If these individuals are particularly vindictive lately it is because they sense the tide is turning against them.

There has been a lot of bad news recently for opponents of the seal hunt. In December 2009, I tabled a motion in the Senate recognizing the right of coastal communities to earn a living from the use of animal resources. It was passed unanimously and received the support of the Government of Nunavut as well. In January 2010, the Government of Canada went on a trade mission to China and got positive feedback on developing markets for seal products. That same month, the Inuit of Canada and Greenland decided to put the European Union’s ban on seal products to the test in the European courts. One week ago, the Quebec government announced $192,527 in funding to market seal products. In addition, the Universal Declaration on the Ethical Harvest of Seals, which I introduced last year, is becoming better known as more people sign the petition and join the coalition (sealsonline.org).

Lastly, my recent trip to Nunavut and my meeting with the Minister of the Environment has definitely annoyed the anti-sealing vegetarians. The ban on seal products makes an exception for the Inuit and their personal consumption. But my very productive talks with the Minister and his clear commitment to help market seal products for the benefit of Inuit communities are a snub to sealing opponents.

So it’s not surprising that the anti-sealing vegetarians are in a panic. But rather than debate the issue, they are attacking me on the pretext that I am presenting vegetarians in a bad light. But no one, not Green Party candidate David Ruffieux, or Ms. Rondeau, who was quoted in Le Soleil, or any vegetarian group, spoke out when the Minister of Fisheries was hit with a pie (which constitutes an assault) or when the Facebook photo of Sara Green, the current Miss Newfoundland, was tampered with. As long as this silence persists, it will be hard to distinguish between pacific vegetarians and those who aren’t.

As for Ms. Rondeau, who stated on February 23 in Le Soleil that I got angry, I would like to challenge her remarks and provide some clarification. Chantal Rondeau called my office on February 16 but introduced herself as Chantal Dupuis, a journalist with the Journal de Québec. She said she was building a case against sealing, which I thought was an extreme position for a journalist to take. I called the managing editor, Jean LaRoche, who confirmed that no one named Chantal Dupuis worked for the paper. Those are the tactics being used by the anti-sealing vegetarians. They don’t need me to tarnish their image and they shouldn’t be giving me any lectures.


  1. Rob Andrew le 25 février 2010 à 12h41

    Kudos and thank you for standing up against these people Senator. You’ve managed to expose yet another deception used by the vegan animal rights groups. I signed your petition long ago, since while I am not a hunter, I still recognize the need for Harp seal population control at the moment and would rather see the animal killed humanely and used, than inhumanely in a cull that involves little to no part of the animal is recovered. Keeping the commercial seal hunt alive makes much more sense than a cull any day of the week. Doing nothing about seal numbers at present just tips the eco system balance further out of whack which is something I can’t understand the protest groups not getting their heads around unless their long term goal is actually the destruction of the species and the entire food chain to go with it.
    Thanks for standing up for not just the Sealers,the Province of Newfoundland/Labrador, the Innu and lastly, us conservationists and naturalists.

  2. Alishia Fox le 25 février 2010 à 23h45

    Regarding the current harp seal population. If the Oceans couldn’t sustain their current numbers, the population would naturally decline. It happens sometimes in the wild and keeps nature in balance. If we left things alone without trying to interfere with ‘population control’, nature would find it’s own balance.
    The dynamic in the Oceans’ eco-systems have changed because of over-fishing and greed. Things will never be the same. They will be different, but they can recover.
    I recommend taking an honest look of what some of the worlds scientists are revealing in a film called “End of the Line”.
    They present the proven fact that when parts of the Oceans are left alone (protected areas), they can recover.
    We are at a very important juncture right now with our Oceans (and the species who inhabit them). I think it’s time for a fresh approach to all of these issues. They are all related.

  3. Neil MacNeil le 27 février 2010 à 10h15

    You are a voice of reason and respect in a sea of terrorist activity.

  4. Eydie le 3 mars 2010 à 20h06

    I just copied & pastied your link to share this information with other sites who support the seal hunt! When I attemped to add the link, an error message appeared telling me that some info on this site has been reported as abusive (or something like that). That’s strange as I don’t see anything here that’s out of line! Just thought I’d let you know this. Meanwhile, I’ll try again to link your site with other groups. Good luck with your cause and thanks for the useful information

  5. Alishia Fox le 5 mars 2010 à 11h54

    You don’t see anything that the Senator doesn’t agree with on this site. I’ve posted a very respectable response to her article and was not approved - probably because the Senator will not acknowledge another point of view that is NOT abusive.

    Her upcoming seal meat dinner is simply a ploy for media attention. Our Government’s support for this brutal industry is tarnishing our reputation on the World stage while trying desperately to blur the lines between the Inuit hunt and the commercial hunt. There is a HUGE difference!

    Do not let this propaganda go unchecked!

  6. Alishia Fox le 5 mars 2010 à 11h54

    I will try and post my original comments again:

    I think that the animal rights groups are wrong for attacking you.
    What they should do is respectfully debate the issue, but that’s not how they work. Their tactics help keep the issue in the public eye and help them raise loads of cash every year.
    That being said, I do not agree with the Commercial Seal Hunt. I don’t think that we should call for a cull either. I think we should leave nature alone. Perhaps if we did this, and put our tax dollars towards conservation efforts in our Oceans and alternative green industries for the sealers, we just may see our Oceans recover from humanity’s greed.
    Not everyone who supports the end of the commercial seal hunt is part of an Animal Rights group. Some, like myself, do not agree with their abusive tactics.

    This being said, there has been a wonderful new development this evening with regards to the seal hunt.
    They hunt that takes place off of Hay Island (in a conservation area nonetheless) for 2200 grey seal pups is not going forward this year.
    This is good news for those seals!!
    I read in an article that they were not able to successfully secure insured transportation as none of these transport companies wanted to handle the ‘cargo’.
    I know that there were campaigns led to encourage Canadians to express their feelings against the hunt to the prospective transport companies.
    So, I do feel that your statement “Anti-Sealing Vegetarians are in a panic” is incorrect.
    Right now, they are rejoicing. And are still rejoicing from the EU ban.
    Mark my words, they will feel stronger.
    Although, the Animal Rights groups (who take in Millions of dollars in profits each year) may well be in a panic. Maybe their ‘followers’ and people who genuinely do not agree with the commercial hunt ARE having an effect after all? These Animal Rights groups have more to gain ‘fighting’ against the hunt versus the actual end to the hunt.

    PS. I’m glad you eat your carrots!! Makes for good eye sight. Maybe we will be able to see a possible solution that is best for everyone in the future.

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