Strengthening Canadians’ Security and Promoting Hunting and Recreational Shooting

I oppose the Conservative philosophy and the gun lobby’s belief that better access to firearms ensures better security. It's just the opposite. However, I respect the hunters and sports shooters. This bill promotes the activities of hunting and sport shooting while strengthening the security of Canadians.

Through my bill, titled “Strengthening Canadians’ Security and Promoting Hunting and Recreational Shooting Act”, I intend to accomplish the following:

  • overhaul the current firearms program by prohibiting all firearms in Canada except hunting firearms;
  • redefine the three classes of firearms by making all firearms illegal except hunting firearms and by localizing the prohibition of restricted firearms (circumscribed firearms);
  • limit the definition of hunting firearms to the arms that really used for the purposes of hunting;
  • replace restricted firearms class with a circumscribed firearms class and the arms of this class will be only usable at or in shooting clubs;
  • replace the registration certificate with an inscription certificate;
  • reinforce the role of the RCMP and the Commissioner of Firearms under a statutory provision.
  • limit the transport of circumscribed firearms to transporters, thus controlling the movement of firearms in Canada; and
  • undo all the provisions of Bill C-42, except for the prohibition on obtaining a licence to possess and acquire firearms following a domestic violence conviction.

In 2005, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled unanimously in R. v. Wiles that in Canada to acquire or possess a firearm is a "privilege" and not a right.